Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Team Canada at WOC 1987

L to R > Magali Robert, Gilles Quenville, Ted de St. Croix, Mark Adams, Oivind Naess, Ross Burnett

L to R > Mark Adams, Oivind Naess, Ted de St. Croix, Ross Burnett

Here are some pictures and article from the local newspaper in France from the 1987 World Champs.  The team was:

Magali Robert
Ted de St. Croix
Mark Adams
Oivind Naess
Ross Burnett

The team leader was Gilles Quenville but we all called him the “Silver Fox".
The mens relay team finished in 9th place which continues to be Canada’s best results ever in a World Orienteering Championships.

Submitted by Oivind Naess

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  1. I think that the 1978 WOC (Kongsberg, Norway)Canadian men's relay team placed eighth, so that would be the best result ever ;-)