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How to submit items to the archive
Send your story, photo, image, map, pdf scan etc to and include a description of the item. If you have lots of items, contact us and we can give you access to post directly to the blog if you are interested in doing that.

How to post on this blog
For each blog post
1) Upload the image if applicable (pdf's are more complicated to upload, please send those to
2) Add a title. Title format: Type of item: Name of Item Example: Map: 1969 Ontario Orienteering Championships
3) Under item, add title and more details if available
4) Add "Submitted by: NAME"
5) Add labels: year, city/towm, province, type of item: map, photo, story, logo, etc
6) Upload post

Tips to search the archive
Use the labels to search by year, city, province, type of item, etc....

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